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MiNA - Mitochondrial Network Analysis

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<h1>Reporting Bugs and Suggestions</h1>
The source code for MiNA is available on [ Github]. Software bugs can be reported using the [ issue tracker]. If you think of a useful feature or have a general question, there is a discussion page on [ Gitter] for the project and if you implement your own feature, fix a bug, or extend the tool and want to contribute it back to the project you can always make a [ pull request].
When reporting bugs, please provide the steps required to reproduce the issue. Before reporting, try running the updater (Help &rarr; Update...) and, if that fails, reinstalling Fiji and adding the update sites as described in the installation section. Please only report software bugs with with the [ issue tracker]. Generic questions can Also, be sure to check the FAQ (frequently asked either by email or, preferably, using questions) in the [https://gittergithub.imcom/StuartLab/MiNA-Suggestions/Lobby Gitterblob/master/] chat roomfirst.