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SNT: Reconstruction Viewer

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Reference Brains
**'''JFRC3''' Janelia Farm Research Campus Drosophila reference brain (Version 3)
**'''Adult VNS''' Adult Drosophila ventral nervous system reference
*'''Drosophila (Embryonic)'''
**'''Larva L1''' Drosophila 1st instar larval stage
**'''Larva L3''' Drosophila 3rd instar larval stage
*'''Mouse (Adult): Allen CCF Navigator''' Import and navigation system for the Allen Adult Mouse Common Coordinate Framework. Selecting this option imports the Whole Brain reference, and presents a GUI allowing search and import of Mouse Brain ontologies contained in the Allen Common Coordinate Framework v3.
*'''Zebrafish (Embryonic)'''
**'''Max Planck ZBA''' Max Planck Zebrafish Brain Atlas