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SNT: Reconstruction Viewer

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*'''Remove Selected...''' Deletes the selected reconstructions from the scene.
*'''Remove All...''' Deletes all reconstructions from the scene.
==Manage and Customize 3D Meshes==
*'''Import OBJ File(s)...''' Allows import and rendering of Wavefront OBJ files, commonly used to represent surface meshes of anatomical structures.
*'''Customize''' sub-menu providing control over rendering parameters of surface meshes.
**'''All Parameters...''' Allows adjustment of the color and transparency of the selected mesh(es) and their computed bounding boxes in a single menu.
**'''Color...''' Sets the color of the selected mesh(es).
**'''Transparency...''' Sets the transparency of the selected mesh(es).
*'''Remove Selected...''' Deletes the selected mesh(es) from the scene.
*'''Remove All...''' Deletes all imported mesh(es) from the scene.