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SNT: Reconstruction Viewer

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Manage and Customize Neuronal Arbors
**'''Assign Color...''' Assigns the chosen homogeneous color to all selected reconstructions.
**'''Color Coding (Individual Cells)...''' Applies morphometric color mapping to selected reconstructions. The chosen LUT is used to assign a metric-based color gradient to each reconstruction.
<div align="left"><ul> <li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:reconstruction-viewer-color-mapping-individual.png|left|thumb|400px|]]</li></ul></div> 
**'''Color Coding (Group of Cells)...''' Applies morphometric color coding to a selected group of reconstruction. Note that this option uses the chosen LUT to assign a homogeneous color to each reconstruction in the group based on the chosen metric.
<div align="left"><ul> <li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:reconstruction-viewer-color-mapping-group.png|left|thumb|400px|]]</li></ul></div>
**'''Color Each Cell Uniquely''' Applies a unique and homogeneous color to each selected reconstruction. Note this option will override any previously applied color mapping to the selected reconstructions.
<div align="left"><ul> <li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:reconstruction-viewer-color-mapping-unique.png|left|thumb|400px|]]</li></ul></div>
**'''Thickness...''' Specifies a constant thickness to be applied to the selected reconstructions. Note this value will only affect how Paths are displayed in the Reconstruction Viewer.
**'''Translate...''' Specifies a translation to be applied to the selected reconstructions. To avoid overwriting data from a tracing session, this command is only available in the standalone viewer.
*'''Remove Selected...''' Deletes the selected reconstructions from the scene.
*'''Remove All...''' Deletes all reconstructions from the scene.