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NegativeArraySizeException: I don't think this is true; the limit is on the number of array elements, regardless of type.
This error usually means that your image planes are larger than the maximum supported size.
[[ImageJ1]] only supports image planes with '''2 gigapixels''' (2^31 = 2147483648 pixels; in case of a square image, the maximum allowed is 46340 x 46340 pixels) or less. If your data has extremely large image planes—e.g., 50000 x 50000 pixels—you may need to analyze region by region. Note that if pixel data is stored in 16bit format, one pixel takes double the memory size, so the maximum size allowed is halved (1073741824 pixels). One way to do this is using the "Crop on import" feature of the [[Bio-Formats]] plugin.
[[ImageJ2]] supports larger image planes internally, but uses the [[ImageJ1]] user interface by default, which once again limits visualization to 2 gigapixels. The [[Contributors|ImageJ2 team]] is working to lift these size restrictions; see {{GitHub | org=imagej | repo=imagej | issue=87 | label=imagej/imagej#87}}.
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