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{{DevelopMenu | tools}}{{Minibox | logo=Travis.png | blurb='''Travis CI:''' Build your code in the cloud!}}[ TravisCI] is a tool for [[Project_management#Continuous_integration|continuous integration]]. It has excellent integration with [[GitHub]], and is very useful for automating builds, deployment and other tasks.
= Services =
* Perform builds of SciJava projects. Travis deploys <code>SNAPSHOT</code> builds to the [ ImageJ Maven repository] in response to pushes to each code repository's <code>master</code> branch. So any downstream projects depending on a version of <code>LATEST</code> for a given component will match the last successful Travis build—i.e., the latest code on <code>master</code>.
* Run each project's associated [[wikipedia:Unit testing|unit tests]]. Travis CI is instrumental in early detection of new bugs introduced to the codebase.
* Perform [[releases]] of [[SciJava]] projects. Travis deploys release builds to the appropriate Maven repository—typically either the ImageJ Maven repository or [ OSS Sonatype].
* Keep the [[javadoc]] site updated.
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