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The Jenkins is fully retired now
{{DevelopMenu | tools}}{{Minibox | logo=Jenkins.png | blurb='''Jenkins:''' Serving the ImageJ community, 2010 - 20172019!}}ImageJ has had a [ Jenkins server]: a continuous integration system which automatically checks checked the code for build and test errors. {{Notice | As of 2019, the [[ImageJ ]] and [[SciJava ]] projects are in the midst of transitioning have transitioned to [[Travis CI]] and [[AppVeyor]] for CI services. When this transition is complete, the ImageJ Jenkins server will be retired.}} The ImageJ Jenkins currently performs a small number of key services: * [ Automatic deployment of ImageJ 1.x] and [ building of installers for ImageJ 1.x].* [ Building the latest Fiji download bundles]. For an up-to-date list, see the [ list of active Jenkins jobs].
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