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Learnathon 2019

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''''I am a PhD student in the Jug-Lab at MPI-CBG / CSBD. I work on content-aware image restoration applications for electron microscopy data. I learned about the ImageJ-Universe via KNIME Image Processing, contributed to imagej-ops and I am a fan of BigDataViewer."''
'''[ Pavel Moravec]'''''"I am a researcher at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center and a member of a group working on making the ImageJ2 / FIJI run in massive parallel High-Performance Computing environments and solving issues associated with such tasks. Our group works on processing large image data, especially from light sheet microscopy data, with batch processing pipelines. For this task, we are developing the scijava-parallel library with ParallelService and an extensions to imagej-server and its clients. In future, we consider extending the ParallelService to cloud environment as well. I am also dealing with issues arising from the need to transfer data to and from the HPC environment.''"
'''[ Tobias Pietzsch]'''
''''I'm a postdoc in Myers lab at MPI CBG / CSBD. I'm the creator of [ CLIJ]. In my actual job, I develop, run and maintain custom smart microscopes on the [ ClearControl] platform. Analysing images after acquistion but before writing them to disc is my thing. Our microscopes are so smart, they even use [ twitter]."''
'''[ Ulrik Günther]''' ''''Hey there! I'm currently a PhD student at the Sbalzarini Lab at CSBD. I'm trying to bring VR to microscopy and systems biology in general, e.g. by enabling VR control of microscopes, or developing [ scenery] and the new 3D viewer for ImageJ, [ sciview]."''
'''9:00 - 12:00 ImgLib2 deep dive'''
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