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SNT: Manual

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Other options are also available in the ''gear'' drop-down menu:
* '''Cached Computations (Main /Secondary Image)''' By default SNT computes the Hessian matrix on a "compute-as-you-go" basis, which saves memory but increases the pathfinding time. If you have enough RAM, you can use this set of options to compute the matrix once for the full image and cache the result, which in certain cases, can lead to almost-instantaneous searches. Note that this computation adopts the current values of sigma and max. reported in the widget, so you should adjust those before running this command.
* '''Flush Cached Data''' Removes cached data from memory
* '''Show Cached "Tubeness Image"''' Displays the ''Tubeness'' data currently cached. Useful for debugging purposes. Also mirrored in {{bc | View | Show Cached/Loaded Hessian (Tubeness) Image}}.