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SNT: .traces File Format

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[[Category:SNT]][[Category:Neuroanatomy]][[Category:Import-Export]][[Category:Data]]{{SNTNavBar}}__NOTOC__ == SNT's File Format = Simple Neurite Tracer =
== File Format == The .traces files that are saved by Simple Neurite Tracer [[SNT]] are gzip gzipped compressed XML. The plugin SNT will also load uncompressed XML files, but by default , they are saved in the compressed form.
The XML DTD is included in the DOCTYPE of each file. The root element is always <tracings>, and this can contain the following elements:
* <tt>distance</tt><nowiki>: This is the minimum "distance" so far found for any route moving from any point on the original paths to this node. (The complete route can be reconstructed by following </nowiki><tt>previousid</tt>s.)
* <tt>status</tt><nowiki>: this attribute can either have the value </nowiki><tt>open</tt> or <tt>closed</tt>, which have their conventional meanings in A* search.