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SNT: Manual

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* '''Hide Tracing Canvas''' Allows toggling of the visibility of the three view panes as well as the Legacy 3D View window.
* '''Show Cached ''Filtered Image''''' Displays the cached filtered image in a separate window. Note a filtered image must be loaded in order to use this feature. The process of loading a filtered image is detailed in [[SNT:_Step-By-Step_Instructions#Generating_Filtered_Images|Generating Filtered Images]].
* '''Show Cached ''Hessian Tubeness Image''''' Displays the cached ''Hessian (Tubeness) image'' in a separate window. Note, one must first there are two ways to enable this feature. Either 1) enable ''Hessian-based analysis'' then run either the ''Cache All Hessian Computations'' command or 2) use the ''Load Precomputed "Tubeness" Image'' commands in order to use this featureoption. This process is These options are detailed in the "Auto-tracing" section of the [[SNT:_Overview#Main_Dialog|Main Dialog]] overview guide.
==Main Tab==