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SNT: Step-By-Step Instructions

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Step by Step
This section describes methods to increase the accuracy of node placement.
==Step by Step==
When starting up, make sure that "Three pane viewDefault: XY, ZY and XZ views" is turned onselected:
Find the approximate location of your start point by moving your mouse in the XY window, holding down {{key|Shift}} to synchronize the view in the other panes:
When you press {{key|+}} to zoom in, all the panes will zoom in on the point that the crosshairs is over, so each time you press {{key|+}}, make sure you move your mouse pointer so that it's still over the structure of interest:
To make sure you're clicking in the centre center of the structure, try moving the mouse and scroll wheel in each of the panes (holding down {{key|Shift}} so synchronize the views in all three panes). When you're happy with the point under the crosshairs, left-click to start the path:
Zoom out again with the {{key|-}} key, and similarly zoom in on the next point you want to be on your path to place it precisely:
The path along the neuron may not follow the center lineperfectly:
... but you can later improve that with the "{{bc|Refine/Fit Volume" |Fit Path...}} optionin the Path Manager, which tries to fix the midline and radius to sub-voxel accuracy: