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SNT: Manual

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Tracing on Filtered Image
[[Image:SNT-Generate-Filtered-Image-Prompt.png|right|thumb]]* '''Load Specified File''' Loads the filtered image specified in the ''File'' textbox. * '''Show Path in File Explorer''' Opens the directory containing the filtered image specified in the ''File'' textbox in the File Explorer GUI.* '''Generate Filtered Image''' Enables processing of the currently open image directly from SNT. Three routines are currently supported: ''Frangi'', ''Frangi (without Gaussian)'' and ''Tubeness''. Supports saving and display of the resulting image. Noteworthy: It is assumed that the current sigma value in the Auto-tracing widget reflects the size of structures to be filtered. If that is not the case, the sigma should be adjusted before running this command.* '''Show Cached image''' Displays the currently loaded filtered image in a separate window.
See the [[SNT:_Step-By-Step_Instructions#Generating_Filtered_Images|Generating Filtered Images]] walk-through for more details.