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SNT: Manual

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* '''Load Precomputed "Tubeness Image"''' This (advanced) option prompts you to load a file of a ''Tubeness image'' generated elsewhere. This is useful if e.g., you want o experiment algorithms from other software packages, or your own. Note that loaded image is assumed to have compatible dimensions with the image currently being traced.
* '''Show Cached "Tubeness Image"''' Displays the ''Tubeness'' data currently cached. Useful for debugging purposes. Also mirrored in {{bc | View | Show Cached/Loaded Hessian (Tubeness) Image}}.
[[File:original-hessian-side-by-side.png|center|thumb|600px400px|Original (left) and Hessian (right) TBD: Replace with MIPsOP_1 "Tubeness" image overlay at 80% opacity]]
===Tracing on Filtered Image===