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SNT: Manual

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* {{bc|Quick Measurements|}} Shows a table with summary statistics for all existing paths. To measure only selected paths, use {{bc|Analyze|Measure}} in the Path Manager.
* {{bc|Sholl Analysis...}} Shows a help menu which describes how to conduct [[Simple_Neurite_Tracer:_Sholl_analysis|Sholl Analysis]] from within SNT on existing paths.
<div align="left"><ul> <li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:SNT-Sholl-Analysis-How-to-Menu.png|leftnone|thumb|200px]]</li></ul>{{clear}}</div>
* {{bc|Strahler Analysis}} Conducts Strahler Analysis on existing paths, producing a table of analysis results and a Strahler plot.
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* {{bc|Reconstruction Plotter...}} Plots a dynamic 2D projection of all existing paths. A control panel is included which allows adjustment of the spatial orientation of the tracing. If paths are assigned color tags, use {{bc|Actions|Render final (colorized) plot}} from the control panel to render the (static) plot with color-mapped paths, with the final orientation matching that of the dynamic plot.
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* {{bc|Compare Reconstructions...}} Given two input reconstruction files, runs ''Quick Measurements'' on both and generates a plot with summary statistics, allowing for quick morphometric comparisons.
<div align="left"><ul> <li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:SNT-Compare-Reconstructions-Table.png|leftnone|thumb|600px|Comparison of OP_1 and OP_2]]</li></ul></div>{{clear}}