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SNT: Manual

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* {{bc|Import| Labels (AmiraMesh)}} Allows import and rendering of AmiraMesh files, the native file format of the [ Amira] data visualization software. [[Image:SNT-Amira-Mesh-Example-Image.png|right|thumb|AmiraMesh Fly brain]]
* {{bc|Import| Remote Databases|}} Allows import of neuronal reconstructions from the [ FlyCircuit], [ MouseLight] and [ NeuroMorpho] remote databases. [[File:SNT-MouseLight-Remote-Loader-Prompt.png|right|thumb|MouseLight reconstruction loader prompt]]
* {{bc|Export (All Paths)}} TBDAllows export of all traced paths in the [ SWC] file format, a widely used standard for representing neuronal reconstructions which is supported by most annotation and visualization software. Additionally, useful numeric properties of paths can be stored in a CSV file by choosing the ''CSV Properties...'' export option.