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SNT: Manual

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=Startup Prompt=
=Main Dialog=
==Menu Commands==
See the [[SNT:_Step-By-Step_Instructions#Generating_Filtered_Images|Generating Filtered Images ]] walk-through]] for more details.
===Filters for Visibility of Paths===
The Reconstruction Viewer is an advanced OpenGL visualization tool. For performance reasons, some Path Manager changes may need to be synchronized manually from RV controls. To open Reconstruction Viewer with the currently loaded tracings, press ''Open Reconstruction Viewer''. For more information, see the Reconstruction Viewer wiki page.
===Legacy 3D Viewer===
The Legacy 3D Viewer is a functional tracing canvas but it depends on outdated services that are now deprecated. It may not function reliably on recent operating systems. For usage instructions, see [[SNT:_Step-By-Step_Instructions#Legacy_3D_ViewerTracing_in_the_Legacy_3D_Viewer|Tracing using the Legacy 3D Viewer]].
[[SciView|SciView]] is IJ2's modern replacement for the Legacy 3D Viewer providing 3D visualization and virtual reality capabilities for both images and meshes. It is not yet available in SNT.
[[File:SNT-Path-Manager-Fill.png|right|thumb|"Fill" menu]]
* '''Fill Out''' Begins the filling process for selected paths. For detailed instructions see [[SNT:_Step-By-Step_Instructions#Filling|Filling]] in the : Step-By-Step Instructions page]].{{clear}}
This menu contains several options which provide quick ways to analyze and visualize numerical properties of paths.
=Fill Manager=
Provides controls for all filling operations. It is described in more detail in the [[SNT:_Step-By-Step_Instructions#Filling|Filling Walkthrough: Step-By-Step Instructions]].