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SNT: Manual

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* '''Disconnect''' Disconnect the selected path from all of its connections.
* '''Merge''' Merge the selected paths (at least two) into one path. Note the starting node of path ''i'' is merged to the endpoint of path ''i+1''
* '''Specify Radius''' Specify a constant radius to be applied to all the nodes of selected path(s). This setting only applies to unfitted paths and overrides any existing values.[[File:SNT-Path-Manager-Edit.png|right|thumb|"Edit" menu]]
* '''Ramer-Douglas-Peuker Downsampling''' Given an inputted maximum permitted distance between nodes, perform [ Ramer-Douglas-Peucker] downsampling on the selected path(s). N.B.:
**This operation cannot be undone.
** Paths can only be downsampled: Smaller inter-node distances will not be interpolated.
** It is advised to choose a value at least twice the smallest voxel separation.
[[File:SNT-Path-Manager-Edit.png|right|thumb|"Edit" menu]]