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SNT: Manual

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Default Path Colors
===Default Path Colors===
Path coloring in SNT indicates status of the path. The default color indicators for finished paths are: [[File:Default-path-colors.png|right|thumb|300px|"Default Path Colors" widget]]
[[File:CMYK-color-model.png|right|thumb|300px|CMYK color selection UI]]
* <pre style="color: #00FF00;font-size:20px">Green</pre> - Finished paths, selected.Selected* <pre style="color: #FF00FF;font-size:20px">Magenta</pre> - Finished pathsDeselected, deselected. Cannot meaning the path cannot be extended or edited until selected.* <pre style="color: #00FFFF;font-size:20px">Cyan</pre> - Unconfirmed paths.* <pre style="color: #FF0000;font-size:20px">Red</pre> - Temporary paths.
The default color for each path type can be changed to any color in the [ CMYK color model]. To do so for selected and deselected paths, press the "Selected" or "Deselected" button in the "Default Path Colors" widget. For unconfirmed and temporary paths, go to see the "Colors" option in the "UI Interaction" widget.
The "Enforce default colors (ignore color tags)" option, if active, will force all paths to conform to the default colors specified by the "Selected" and "Deselected" color buttons. Any custom color tags will be ignored until the option is toggled OFF.