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SNT: Manual

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* '''Overlay MIP(s) at X% opacity''' - Overlays the [ Maximum Intensity Projection] of the image onto the current Z-slice at specified opacity.
<div align="center">
<li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:OP1-without-MIP.png|none|thumb|400px300px|Image without MIP overlay]] </li><li style="display:inline-block;"> [[Image:OP1-with-MIP.png|none|thumb|400px300px|Image with MIP overlay at 30%]] </li>
* '''Draw diameters in XY view''' - Displays the stored diameter for all existing nodes. Each diameter is drawn as a line with length = diameter which is bisected by the tangent vector of the path at a particular node.
===Temporary Paths===