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SNT: Python Notebooks

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Getting Started
Now you can access all the attributes and methods these classes offer. Let's get a summary of the inter-node distances for a specific mouse cortical motor neuron (UUID = "AA0100" in the MouseLight database).
<source lang="python">
def run(): loader = MouseLightLoader("AA0100") # one of the largest cells in the database if not loader.isDatabaseAvailable(): ui.showDialog("Could not connect to ML database", "Error") return if not loader.idExists(): ui.showDialog("Somehow the specified id was not found", "Error") return
a_tree = loader.getTree('axon', None) # compartment, color s_stats = TreeStatistics(a_tree) metric = TreeStatistics.INTER_NODE_DISTANCE summary_stats = s_stats.getSummaryStats(metric) s_stats.getHistogram(metric).show() print("The average inter-node distance is %d" % summary_stats.getMean())