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Simple Neurite Tracer: Key Shortcuts

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Update shortcuts
* {{key|I}} - Toggles tracing on filtered <u>I</u>mage.
* {{key|M}} - Finds the brightest voxel (<u>M</u>aximum) above and below the current x,y position and automatically clicks on it. If multiple maxima exist, their average positioning is used. Note that this feature assumes that neurites are brighter than the background.
* {{key|S}} - Toggles cursor <u>S</u>napping: If enabled, the plugin will automatically move the cursor to the brightest voxel within the specified x,y,z snapping window<sup>1</sup>. This facilitates accurate [[Simple_Neurite_Tracer:_Accurate_point_placement|positioning of path points]] and it is described in more detail in this [ issue].
* {{key|Control|Shift}}-click ({{key|Alt|Shift}}-click on MacOS) - Selects a point along the active path to be used as forking point (See [[Simple_Neurite_Tracer:_Step-By-Step_Instructions#Branching:_Start_a_path_on_an_existing_path|step-by-step instructions]] for more details on joining and branching).
==== Navigation and Zoom ====
* {{key|>}} / {{key|<}} - Previous/Next Z-slice, or Previous/Next channel, depending on the ''Reverse CZT oder of ">" and "<"'' choice set in IJ's {{bc|Edit|Options|Misc..}} prompt (IJ default).
* {{Key|enter}} - Shuttles the window focus between the tracing image and the SNT window.
==== Path Handling ====