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| name = OME Bio-Formats plugins
| logo = [[File:Bio-formats-icon.png|96px]]
| author = [http Open Microscopy Environment]:<br/>- [[LOCI|UW-Madison LOCI]]<br/>- [http Glencoe Software]<br/>- [http University of Dundee]
| maintainer = OME development team
| filename = [http See Bio-Formats Downloads page]
| source = {{GitHub|org=openmicroscopy|repo=bioformats}}
| latest version = [http See Bio-Formats Downloads page]
| status = active
| category = [[:Category:Import-Export]]
== History ==
See [http LOCI's Bio-Formats site] for a historical narrative of the project.
== Documentation ==
What follows is a brief overview of the available plugins. You will find them all under the "Bio-Formats" submenu of Plugins. See the [http / Bio-Formats web site] for additional information about Bio-Formats in general.
See especially the [ Using Bio-Formats] page for detailed instructions.
* Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) (*.tif, *.tiff, *.tf2, *.tf8, *.btf)
* [ Vaa3d] (*.v3draw)
* [http Woolz] (*.wlz)
'''Note:''' For OME-TIFF and TIFF formats, the file extensions '''*.tif''' and '''*.tiff''' are associated with the standard 32-bit TIFF, which has a 4GB size limit. On the other hand, the file extensions '''*.tf2''', '''*.tf8''', and '''*.btf''' are automatically associated with [ the 64-bit BigTIFF format], which can store much bigger data.
== Reporting bugs ==
To report a bug in Bio-Formats, please see [http reporting a bug in Bio-Formats].
== Publication ==
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