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Frequently Asked Questions

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I reported an issue, but it is still not fixed! Why not?: Curtis is not the only paid developer now
[[ImageJ]] is an [[Open Source]] community project. The list of [[contributors]] is large but most of the people involved are not paid to work on it. We greatly value community contributions and assistance.
There are very few not many professional developers (at the moment, only one: {{Person|Rueden}}) whose formal jobs include responding to and addressing bug reports. These developers are not paid ''solely'' to fix bugs—rather, they are working to solve scientific problems and to advance the software's capabilities. And their attention is spread thin across many projects: [ ImageJ], [ Fiji], [ SCIFIO], [ SciJava], [ LOCI], [ OME], [ ImgLib2], [ OpenSPIM], [ SLIM Curve], [ NAR plugin for Maven], and others.
The organizations above total over 300 source code repositories, many of which have dozens of open issues in their issue trackers. There are also several hundred tickets in the [ old ImageJ issue tracker] that are pending migration to GitHub Issues, as well as over a hundred [ open issues in the Fiji Bugzilla].
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