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2014-03-27 - ImageJ2 and Fiji recent milestones

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The most important feature of Fiji (the ImageJ distribution for the life sciences) is most certainly the [[updater]]. Two years ago, the updater source code was moved from Fiji into ImageJ2. Ever since, when you call Help>Update Fiji, it is actually the ImageJ2 updater performing her duties. Rationale for the move: Fiji and ImageJ2 collaborate very closely (consistent with {{Person|Schindelin}} joining [ LOCI], the home of ImageJ2, in the fall of 2011), and it was obvious that ImageJ2 should play the role of generic image processing core while Fiji is dedicated to support the life sciences.
In the wake of the transition, many latent bugs were discovered and fixed, hardening the updater. It also allowed us to offer a very cool feature: personal update sites. Anybody with a Fiji wiki account (which in this case just serves as a convenient vehicle for ImageJ2) can register their personal update site onto which they can upload plugins and even macros. By adding the site to the [[List of update sites|List of update sites]] wiki {{ListOfUpdateSites}} page, every ImageJ2 user (which includes all Fiji users; Fiji includes ImageJ2!) can follow that update site by pressing the "Manage update sites" button in the updater and checking the appropriate site's checkbox. Just like the Fiji wiki and the other ImageJ2 web resources, the update sites are served from LOCI's web servers.
The list of update sites sees [http://{{SERVERNAME}}/index.php?title=List_of_update_sites&action=history continued growth], and we encourage their use e.g. for macros or plugins associated with publications. It simply enhances the impact of a paper if its methods are available at the users' fingertips.
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