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2013-06-12 - ImageJ v2.0.0-beta-7

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Fix "list of update sites" link
The ImageJ updater has been enhanced to support "personal" update sites, which are hosted at [], in a subdirectory matching your account on the [ ImageJ wiki] (which is also the [ Fiji wiki], at least for the time being). In this way, every ImageJ user can have their own update site to distribute their plugins via the ImageJ updater, without needing to create a web site or find hosting space on a web server.
The "Manage update sites" dialog in the advanced mode also got a major overhaul: it now presents a list of pre-defined update sites (read from the [[List of update sites|list of update sites]]{{ListOfUpdateSites}}) for easy activation, and allows convenient initialization of a personal update site ([]).
See below for a complete list of updater improvements.
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