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How to set up and populate an update site

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Group update site: Update to reflect current reality
== Group update site ==
In addition to [[personal update sites]], it is possible for groups of people to share an update site.
To create such an update site, you need to have a group email and set up a personal update site for that email with an appropriate user namepost on the [ ImageThen make sure that all users who should be allowed to upload to that update sc Forum] requesting the creation of the site have personal update on <code>sites, too (they do not need to use them)Once all that is</code>, send a mail to including the desired name of the Fiji mailing list requesting that site, as well as the users wiki usernames to be granted upload permission to the group update site. An administrator will then add create the user names site skeleton and grant those users upload permission to the Require user line in the respective .htaccess filenew site.
== Adding an update site on your own server ==
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