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LOCI plays a very active role in the ImageJ community:
* LOCI launched the [[ImageJ2]], [[SCIFIO]] and [[SciJava Common]] projects, and continues to drive their development.
* Together with [[CSBD]]/[[MPI-CBG]], LOCI developers maintain maintains the [[Fiji]] project.* LOCI founded, and continues to support, the [[Bio-Formats]] project, and led the project's development for several years.
* LOCI regularly funds and hosts [[hackathons]] intended to foster community development of [[open source]] biological software projects.
* LOCI hosts the <code></code> web services, as well as related services including <code></code> and <code></code>.
LOCI is a founding member of the [[SciJava]] collaboration, and a partner of the [ Open Microscopy Environment consortium], as well a founding member of the [[SciJava]] collaboration.
== Developers ==
* {{Person|Rueden}} (lead)
* {{Person|Etarena}} (developer)
* {{Person|Awalter2}} (student)* {{Person|Leon}} (studentdeveloper)
== Alumni ==
* {{Person|Leon}} (Sep 2015 - May 2017)
* {{Person|Alecneevel}} (Jul 2015-Jan 2017)
* {{Person|Hinerm}} (Sep 2010-Jun 2016)
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