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Uses of this plugin: Add Alberto paper.
Since there is no publication associated with this plugin, it is hard tracking where it is used. However people wrote me and helped building the following list. The Directionality plugin has been used at least in the following publications:
* Sensini A., Gualandi C., Zucchelli A., Boyle L., Kao A. P., Reilly G. C., Tozzi G., Cristofolini L., Focarete M. L. (2018), Tendon Fascicle-Inspired Nanofibrous Scaffold of Polylactic acid/Collagen with Enhanced 3D-Structure and Biomechanical Properties. Scientific Reports, 8:17617. doi:
* Deravi, Leila F., Nina R. Sinatra, Christophe O. Chantre, Alexander P. Nesmith, Hongyan Yuan, Sahm K. Deravi, Josue A. Goss et al. [ "Design and Fabrication of Fibrous Nanomaterials Using Pull Spinning."] Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 302, no. 3 (2017).
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