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Frequently Asked Questions

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=== On Windows ===
Install Java 8, and delete or rename the <code>\java</code> and/or <code>\jre</code> folders, if they exist. If this does not result in Fiji ImageJ using the expected Java version, check the Environment Variables ({{bc | Control Panel | System and Security | System | Advanced Settings | Advanced | Environment Variables}}) for the variable "JAVA_HOME". Update or create this variable as needed; its value should be the desired JDK or JRE that you would like to use for Fiji ImageJ (for instance: "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_510_172"). See also [ Java environment variable setup].
=== On OS X ===
Note: the <code>--java-home</code> flag does not support Apple Java installations. Specifying Apple Javas with this flag will give an error message about being unable to find <code>lib/server/libjvm.dylib</code>. However, Fiji ImageJ will fall back to Apple Java if no other Java installations are available.
In particular, this means that to run Java 6 on the latest macOS versions, you must do '''''ONE''''' of the following:
* '''''EITHER:''''' Remove all installations of Java 7 and Java 8 ([ remove the JRE] and [ remove all JDKs]).
* '''''OR:''''' Launch ImageJ explicitly using <code>java</code>. Here is a sample invocation for Fiji (copy and paste into Terminal):
export J6="$(/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.6)"
open -a "" --args --java-home \
Save anywhere you like.
== How do I downgrade ImageJ? ==
Downgrading is generally not recommended as a longterm long-term solution, but can be handy to avoid new bugs that crop up.
''If you need to downgrade to avoid a critical bug, please [[Bugs|report that bug]] to the developers so that it can be fixed in a future version!''
== The Updater always says ''Connection refused''. Maybe it does not use the proxy? ==
Indeed, an earlier version of the Updater does not use your system-wide network proxy settings. This is fixed in the meantime, but you need to update the updater using [httphttps://fijidownloads.imagej.scnet/downloadsfiji/Heidelberg/Update_Fiji_Using_Proxy.bsh this script] (just download it and open it in ImageJ).
Alternatively, you can update the updater manually like this:
* open the [[Script Editor]] with {{bc | File | New | Script}}
* set the language to ''BeanshellBeanShell'' in the ''Language'' menu of the editor
* paste the following code (and adjust it to match your settings):
<source lang="java">
System.setProperty("", "true");"Update Fiji...");
* run the script via the ''Run'' menu
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