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Jython Scripting

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=== Importing Java module and classes ===
Another great feature of Jython is the possibility to use functions from Java jar package that resides in the jar folder of imageJ.
==== ImageJ and Fiji API ====
The following API documentation lists all available module and functions :
==== Using openCV in Jython ====
It is even possible to use most of opencv functionalities within Jython/Fiji. There are several options (see the [ wiki page about opencv]), yet the most straight forward is probably IJ-OpenCV which is available via the update sites. It will automatically download the necessary packages and dependencies in your Fiji installation.
A manual installation is also possible by putting the jar packages in the jar folder of imageJ. They are avalaible on the [ IJopenCV github], which even provides a maven option.
===== Matrices =====
The first thing to know about OpenCV is that most functions work with an OpenCV matrix object. Fortunately, the IJ-OpenCV project provides some converters :
===== Scalar =====
In addition to Matrices, opencv allows to use Scalar objects
A scalar is a 4 item element (v0, v1, v2, v3).
===== Operations =====
It is possible to perform some operations between matrices, or between Scalar and matrices.