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Additional projects: Remove completed and no-longer-active additional projects
=== Additional projects ===
I am also coordinating and/or leading and/or advising and/or helping with, but not sole implementor implementer for, the following additional projects:
# (with the [[CellProfiler]] team) ''' forum''': merging the ImageJ and CellProfiler forums into a software-agnostic Scientific Image Analysis forum.
# (with {{Person|Awalter2}}) '''ImageJ-OMERO''' ROI and table support.
# (with {{Person|gselzer}}) '''ImageJ Ops algorithms.''' Addition of more image processing algorithms to [[ImageJ Ops]].
# (with {{Person|kkangle}}) '''''' ImageJ+Python integration. ({{GitHub | org=imagej | | label=imagej/}})
# (with {{Person|Xanthorapedia}}) '''[[SLIM Curve]]''' improved Java integration.
# (with {{Person|etarena}}) '''[[Coloc 2]]''' algorithms in [[ImageJ Ops]].
# (with {{Person|PetrBainar}} et. al) '''ImageJ Server''' and parallelization of ImageJ on high-performance computing (HPC) clusters ({{GitHub | org=PetrBainar | repo=scijava-parallel | label=PetrBainar/scijava-parallel}}).
# (with {{Person|stelfrich}}) '''ImageJ Launcher''' bug-fixes and improvements.
# (with {{Person|maarzt}}) '''ImageJ Legacy''' improved image translation between [[ImageJ1]] and [[ImageJ2]].
# (with {{Person|Kharrington}}) '''ImageJ in 3D.''' Unification of ImageJ 3D visualization efforts around [[SciView]].
# (with {{Person|jcschaff}}) '''ImageJ + [[Virtual Cell]]''' integration.
# (with {{Person|Pietzsch}}) '''Visualization of big data.''' Unification of visualization in general around the [[BigDataViewer]]. ([ imagej/imagej-common#66])
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