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SPIM Workflow Manager For HPC

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== HEAppE middleware ==
Accessing a remote HPC cluster is often burdened by administrative overhead due to more or less complex security policies enforced by HPC centers. This barrier can be substantially lowered by employing a middleware tool based on the HPC-as-a-Service concept. To provide this simple and intuitive access to the supercomputing infrastructure an in-house application framework called High-End Application Execution (HEAppE) [] Middleware has been developed. This middleware provides HPC capabilities to the users and third-party applications without the need to manage the running jobs from the command-line interface of the HPC scheduler on the cluster.
To facilitate access to HPC from the Fiji environment, we utilize the in-house HEAppE Middleware framework allowing end users to access an HPC system through web services and remotely execute pre-defined tasks. Furthermore, HEAppE is designed to be universal and applicable to various HPC architectures. HEAppE also provides the mapping between the external users and internal cluster service accounts that are being used for the actual job submission to the cluster. It simplifies the access to the computation resources from the security and administrative point of view. For security purposes, users are permitted to run only a pre-prepared set of so-called command templates. Each command template defines an arbitrary script or an executable file which is to be run on the cluster, a set of input parameters modifiable at runtime, any dependencies or third-party software it might require, and the type of queue that should be used for the processing.