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Where is my favorite plug-in?
== Where is my favorite plug-in? ==
We've decided to remove some plug-ins from BoneJ experimental. ''Interpolate ROIs'', ''Neck shaft angle'', ''Plateness'' and ''Structure model index'' have been discontinued. ''Interpolate ROIs'', ''Dilate'' and ''Erode'' come pre-packaged with ImageJ, so there's no need to include themin BoneJ.
Support for ''Kontron IMG'', ''Scanco ISQ'' and ''Stratec pQCT'' file formats has been moved to [[SCIFIO]]. Just run ''Edit > Options > ImageJ2'', and check ''Use SCIFIO when opening files''. When the option is enabled, these kinds of files can be opened from ''File > Open'' or dragging & dropping them like any other format.