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Give more details on input data, remove hint for camera-based systems (this has not been tested enough yet!)
* In the image field specify the path to a time lapse beads image stored in a .** The input file format has to be readable by [[Bio-Formats]].** Data is expected to be 2D+t, with the focus (Z-plane) set to the center of the beads. If unsure, check our provided [ beads sample data] to see how to adjust your acquisition accordingly.
** All result files generated by NoiSee will be placed in a new sub-folder located in the same directory as the input image.
* The approximate beads diameter has to be specified in pixels. NoiSee uses the "''Find Maxima''" function to automatically detect beads above a certain intensity threshold that needs to be roughly estimated. Starting values for this estimate depend on the detector type used, e.g. 50 for PMTs, 10 for Hybrid detectors in photon counting mode or 500 for camera based systems.
** If not all beads are identified the estimate should be lower.
** If peaks other than beads are identified the estimate should be higher.