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Fourier Ring Correlation Plugin

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= Updates =
 === January 2018 ===The plugin was moved to a new location, to help sort our plugins. ===July 2018===
Following information kindly provided by Alex Herbert and Miguel Lermo, we have proceeded to correct the following bugs
[[File:frc-dialog-std.png |500px|thumb|right|Plugin Dialog choices Standard Use]]
Call up the plugin using ''Plugins->BIOP->Image Analysis->FRC->FRC Calculation...''.
You need two images open to perform the FRC.
[[File:Frc-dialog-batch.png |500px|thumb|right|Plugin Dialog choices in Batch mode]]
There is also a Batch Option under ''Plugins->BIOP->Image Analysis->FRC->FRC Calculation (Batch)...''
This dialog needs two folders.