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Developing Fiji

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Fiji is a community effort. So we are happy whenever we see new people developing Fiji!

== Getting started ==

First, you have to [[Downloading_and_Building_Fiji_From_Source|download and build Fiji]].

== Adding plugins ==

After you built Fiji successfully, you can add your own plugins.

* If you haven't done so, pick a name for your .jar file, say ''My_Plugin''. Make sure that it has at least one underscore in it, otherwise ImageJ will not pick it up. If you cannot think of a name with an underscore, just append one. Then create a subdirectory ''src-plugins/My_Plugin''.
* Now put your sources into that subdirectory. Please no .class files. Readme or license files are okay, however.
* Create a ''staged-plugins/My_Plugin.config'' file. This will be included in the .jar file as ''plugins.config''.
* In Fiji's root folder, call '''./fiji scripts/ src-plugins/My_Plugin/'''. Please make sure that it ends with a slash. This command will make the necessary edits to the Fakefile and .gitignore, and commit everything needed for your plugin.
* Now build the plugin with '''./fiji --fake'''.
* After testing, you might realize that you need changes. In this case, decide if you want to amend the commit (if there was a silly typo, you might want to hide that fact from the world), or if you want to make a new commit.
* When everything is done and fine, publish!
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