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Upcoming Events

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|[ University of Exeter]
Exeter, UK
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2018 Dec 6-8
|[ From Images to Knowledge with ImageJ & Friends (I2K)]
|A forum for discussing forward looking strategies for dealing with the ever increasing flood of large and content rich microscopy imagery.
|[ EMBL]
Heidelberg, Germany
| colspan=4 class="section-minor" | Courses and Workshops
|Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA, USA
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2018 Jun 3-9
|[ dais Learnathon 2018]
|2nd dais Learnathon
|[ Center for Systems Biology Dresden]
Dresden, Germany
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2018 Jun 25-29
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