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start of pubs using bigwarp
The exported image will have the same dimensions as the target image.
''Note: Take care when exporting very large l140905arge data sets as they can cause out-of-memory exceptions.'' = Publications using BigWarp =# Bogovic et al. "Robust registration of calcium images by learned contrast synthesis" ISBI 2016. # Russell et al. "3D correlative light and electron microscopy of cultured cells using serial blockface scanning electron microscopy" J Cell Sci 130: 278-291 2017.# Collinson et al. "Correlating 3D light to 3D electron microscopy for systems biology" Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering 2017 3:49-55# Hildebrand et al. "Whole-brain serial-section electron microscopy in larval zebrafish" Nature 545:345–349 2017.# Zhang et al. "A Complete Electron Microscopy Volume Of The Brain Of Adult Drosophila melanogaster" bioarxiv 140905 2917.