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TrakEM2 Scripting

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Concatenate the layers of multiple project XML files
To create a script with the above code, copy paste it into a file with an underscore in its name and extension ".py". Then place it in Fiji's plugins folder or subfolder thereof. Finally, restart Fiji or just call "Plugins - Scripting - Refresh Jython Scripts".
=== Concatenating multiple project XML files by copying all their layers ===
<source lang="python">
# Albert Cardona 2010-06-30 for JC Rah
# Takes a list of project XML files
# and grabs all layers in order
# and clones each and all its images
# and then adds it to a newly created project named "all_layers.xml"
from ini.trakem2 import Project
from ini.trakem2.display import Patch
from ini.trakem2.utils import Utils
from ij import IJ
source_dir = "/path/to/projects/" # MUST have ending slash
project_paths = ["project1.xml", "project2.xml", "project3.xml"]
# folder to save the target project at
target_folder = source_dir
def merge_layers():
# Create a new project target_folder as the storage folder:
target = Project.newFSProject("blank", None, target_folder)
# Save it there as "all_layers.xml" so we can call "save()" on it later
target.saveAs(target_folder + "all_layers.xml", True)
targetlayerset = target.getRootLayerSet()
z = 0
# For each project to concatenate, open it, and:
for path in project_paths:
IJ.log("Processing project " + path)
project = Project.openFSProject(source_dir + path, False)
rectangle = project.getRootLayerSet().get2DBounds()
# For each layer in the project, create a new layer "targetlayer" to host a copy of its images:
for layer in project.getRootLayerSet().getLayers():
targetlayer = targetlayerset.getLayer(z, 1, True)
z += 1
# Add to the new layer copies of each image
for ob in layer.getDisplayables():
targetlayer.add(ob.clone(target, False)) # clone in the context of the target project
project.getLoader().setChanged(False) # avoid dialog at closing
# Regenerate all image mipmaps
futures = []
for patch in targetlayerset.getDisplayables(Patch):
Utils.wait(futures) # to validate mipmaps
#target.destroy() # comment out to close it
# Invoke the function!
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