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| colspan=4 class="section-minor" | Conferences, Meetings, and Symposia
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2018 Jan 31-Feb 2
|[ NEUBIAS 2018]
|The BioImage Analysis Community Conference
|Biological Research Center (BRC)
Hungarian Academy of Science
Szeged, Hungary
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2018 Mar 25-28
| colspan=4 classstyle="sectionwhite-minorspace: nowrap" | Courses and Workshops2018 May 30-June 1|[ 2018 OME Annual Users Meeting]|2018 OME Annual Users Meeting|University of DundeeUK
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2018 Jan 27June 5-308|[http://eubiaselmi2018.orgeu/NEUBIAS/training-schools/eci/ts6-szeged2018/ NEUBIAS TS6elmi 2018]|Training School for Early Career Investigators 18th European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting|Biological Research Center (BRC)Hungarian Academy of ScienceUniversity College DublinSzeged, HungaryIreland
|stylecolspan=4 class="whitesection-space: nowrapminor"|2018 Jan 27-30|[ NEUBIAS TS7]|Training School for Image Analysts|Biological Research Center (BRC)Hungarian Academy of ScienceSzeged, HungaryCourses and Workshops
|style="white-space: nowrap"|2018 Apr 4-17
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