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=== Principal investigators ===
* {{Person|Eliceiri}}<supref name="loci">2[[LOCI|Laboratory for Optical and Computation]] (LOCI) at [ UW-Madison]</supref> (ImageJ/Fiji, OME)* {{Person|Tomancak}}<supref name="mpicbg">3[ Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics] (MPI-CBG) at Dresden</supref> (ImageJ/Fiji)* [ Anne Carpenter]<supref name="broad">4[ Broad Institute] of MIT and Harvard</supref> (CellProfiler, ImageJ)* [ Michael Berthold]<supref name="unikn">9[ University of Konstanz], Germany</ref><ref name="knime">[ KNIME GmbH]</supref> (KNIME)* [ Jason Swedlow]<supref name="glencoe">10[ Glencoe Software], Inc.</ref><ref name="dundee">[ University of Dundee],11Scotland</supref> (OME)
=== {{Logo | ImageJ | size=32px}}[[ImageJ]] ===
* {{Person|Rasband}}<supref name="nih">1[ National Institutes of Health]</supref> (lead, [[ImageJ 1.x]])* {{Person|Rueden}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (lead, [[ImageJ2]])* {{Person|Dietzc}}<supref name="unikn"/>9<ref name="knime"/sup>* {{Person|Bnorthan}}<supref name="truenorth">13[ True North Intelligent Algorithms LLC]</supref>* {{Person|Hinerm}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (Sep 2010-Jun 2016)* {{Person|Leek}}<sup>4<ref name="broad"/sup> (Jan 2010-Apr 2016)* {{Person|Schindelin}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (Sep 2011-Nov 2014)* {{Person|Grislis}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (Jan 2010-Dec 2013)* {{Person|Bdezonia}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (Jan 2010-Nov 2013)* {{Person|Harris}}<supref name="mbl">5[ Marine Biological Laboratory] (MBL) at Woods Hole</supref> (Nov 2009-Jan 2012)* Adam Fraser<sup>4<ref name="broad"/sup> (Nov 2009-Aug 2011)* {{Person|Lentz}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (Nov 2009-Feb 2011)
* See also [ ImageJ forum heroes]
=== {{Logo | ImgLib2 | size=32px}}[[ImgLib2]] ===
* {{Person|Pietzsch}}<sup>3<ref name="mpicbg"/sup> (lead)* {{Person|StephanP}}<supref name="mpicbg"/>3<ref name="mdc"/sup>* {{Person|Saalfeld}}<supref name="mpicbg"/>3,12<ref name="janelia"/sup>
=== {{Logo | Fiji | size=32px}}[[Fiji]] ===
* {{Person|Rueden}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (lead)* {{Person|JeanYvesTinevez}}<supref name="pasteur">8[ Institut Pasteur], Paris, France</supref>* {{Person|Iarganda}}<supref name="basque">14[ Ikerbasque], Basque Foundation for Science, Spain</supref>* {{Person|StephanP}}<supref name="mpicbg"/>3<ref name="mdc"/sup>* {{Person|Saalfeld}}<supref name="mpicbg"/>3,12<ref name="janelia"/sup>* {{Person|Pietzsch}}<sup>3<ref name="mpicbg"/sup>* {{Person|Eglinger}}<ref name="fmi">Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI), Basel, Switzerland</ref>* {{Person|Tiago}}<ref name="mcgill">[ McGill University]</ref>* {{Person|Hadim}}<ref name="mcgill"/>* {{Person|White}}<ref name="ge">GE Healthcare (Applied Precision, Inc.)</ref>* {{Person|Landini}}<ref name="birmingham">University of Birmingham</ref>* {{Person|Kharrington}}<supref name="idaho">15[ University of Idaho], Moscow</supref>* {{Person|Twagner}}<supref name="dortmund">16[ University of Applied Sciencs and Arts Dortmund], Germany</supref>* {{Person|Hinerm}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (former)* {{Person|Albertcardona}}<supref name="eth">6[ Institute of Neuroinformatics],12[ Uni/ETH Zurich]</supref><ref name="janelia">[ HHMI Janelia Research Campus]</ref> (founder)* {{Person|Schindelin}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (former, founder)
* See also [ graph of Fiji contributors]
=== [[BigDataViewer]] ===
* {{Person|Pietzsch}}<sup>3<ref name="mpicbg"/sup> (lead)* {{Person|StephanP}}<supref name="mpicbg"/>3<ref name="mdc">[ Berlin Institute of Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB)] of the [ Max Delbrück Center (MDC)]</supref>
=== [[TrakEM2]] ===
* {{Person|Albertcardona}}<supref name="eth"/>6,12<ref name="janelia"/sup> (lead)* {{Person|Saalfeld}}<supref name="mpicbg"/>3,12<ref name="janelia"/sup>
=== {{Logo | SCIFIO | size=32px}}[[SCIFIO]] ===
* {{Person|Rueden}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (lead)* {{Person|Hinerm}}<sup>2<ref name="loci"/sup> (former, founder)
=== {{Logo | CellProfiler | size=32px}}[[CellProfiler]] ===
* {{Person|0x00B1}}<sup>4<ref name="broad"/sup> (lead)* {{Person|Leek}}<sup>4<ref name="broad"/sup> (former)
=== {{Logo | KNIME | size=32px}}[[KNIME|KNIME Image Processing]] ===
* {{Person|Dietzc}}<supref name="unikn"/>9<ref name="knime"/sup> (lead)* {{Person|hornm}}<sup>9<ref name="unikn"/sup>* {{Person|tibuch}}<supref name="unikn"/>9<ref name="mpicbg"/sup>* {{Person|Squareys}}<supref name="unikn"/>9<ref name="knime"/sup>* {{Person|Gab1one}}<sup>9<ref name="unikn"/sup>* {{Person|AndreasBurger}}<sup>9<ref name="knime"/sup>* {{Person|seebacherd}}<sup>9</sup> (former)* {{Person|MichaelZinsmaier}}<sup>9</sup> (former)
=== {{Logo | OME | size=32px}}[[OME]] ===
* {{Person|Moore}}<supref name="glencoe"/>10,11<ref name="dundee"/sup> (co-lead)* {{Person|jburel}}<sup>11</sup> (co-lead)* Chris Allan<sup>10<ref name="dundee"/sup> (co-lead)
* See also [ OME Teams]
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=== Institutions ===
# [ National Institutes of Health]# [[LOCI|Laboratory for Optical and Computation]] (LOCI) at [ UW-Madison]# [ Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics] (MPI-CBG) at Dresden# [ Broad Institute] of MIT and Harvard# [ Marine Biological Laboratory] (MBL) at Woods Hole# [ Institute of Neuroinformatics], [ Uni/ETH Zurich]# [ University of Wuerzburg], Germany# [ Institut Pasteur], Paris, France# [ University of Konstanz], Germany# [ Glencoe Software], Inc.# [ University of Dundee], Scotland# [ HHMI Janelia Research Campus]# [ True North Intelligent Algorithms LLC]# [ Ikerbasque], Basque Foundation for Science, Spain# [ University of Idaho], Moscow# [ University of Applied Sciencs and Arts Dortmund], Germany{{reflist}}
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