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Scripting TrackMate

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Contribute Jan script that makes TrackMate macro recordable.
As any other module it can be used in a script, provided the jar file is in the plugins or jars folder of Fiji:
[[User== Making TrackMate macro recordable with a 64-line script. == Contributed by @imagejan during a NEUBIAS course. Quoting from Jan:JeanYvesTinevez "The macro language is too limited to work with such awesome things as TrackMate, but that you can do everything with a more powerful scripting language. So when using a 64-line script to call it, it actually is macro recordable." {{GitHubEmbed|org=fiji|JeanYvesTinevez]] ([[User talk:JeanYvesTinevezrepo=TrackMate|talk]]) 09:01, 30 October 2017 (CDT)source=../../../scripts/Run_TrackMate_Headless.groovy}}
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