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Microscope Focus Quality

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* [[Following an update site|Enable]] the TensorFlow [[update site]].
* The command is in {{bc | Classification | Microscope Image Focus Quality}}.
== Usage ==
* Open an image to analyze.
* Run {{bc | Classification | Microscope Image Focus Quality}}.
* A dialog will appear allowing you to configure the output visualization. The following options are available:
** '''Generate probability image''' - When checked, a multi-channel image will be created with one channel per focus level, and each value corresponding to the probability of that sample being at that focus level.
** '''Overlay probability patches''' - When checked, each classified region of the image will be overlaid with a color whose hue denotes the most likely focus level and whose brightness denotes the confidence (i.e., probability) of the region being at that level.
** '''Show patches as solid rectangles''' - When checked, overlaid probability patches will be filled semi-transparent and solid; when unchecked, they will be drawn as hollow boundary boxes.
** '''Displayed patch border width''' - When drawing probability patches as boundary boxes, this option controls the box thickness.
The screenshot above uses the "Overlay probability patches" option with a thickness of 5.
If you wish to access the results of the classification quantitatively (e.g., as part of an automated workflow via [[scripting]]), use the "Generate probability image" option.
You can can remove the probability patches overlay via the {{bc | Image | Overlay | Remove Overlay}} command.
== Limitations ==
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