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Script Parameters

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Basic syntax: Embed source code from github
For example, if we look at the [] [[Script_Templates|template]] supplied with Fiji:
<source lang{{GitHubEmbed| org ="python">scijava#@String name#@output String greeting # A Jython script with parameters.# It is the duty of the | repo = scripting framework to harvest-jython# the 'name' parameter from the user, and then display# the 'greeting' output parameter, based on its type| path = src/main/resources/script_templates/Intro/ greeting = "Hello, " + name + "!"</source>}}
We see that an input parameter <code>name</code> of type <code>String</code> is declared. <code>@Parameters</code> are handled automatically by the framework; if we run this script when the User Interface is available (e.g. from the script editor), the <code>name</code> parameter will automatically be harvested via a pop-up dialog:
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