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The plugin was developed to analyze weak photobending of thick crystals. To utilize the technique tiny mirror is attached to the free crystal's end. The bending then causes tilt of the mirror and corresponding deflection of the laser beam.
[[Image:photobend_processingLaserSpotTrack.jpg|frame|400pix|left|Crystal shape Laser spot tracking in process]]
The movement of the laser spot is registered with a camera to give the series of the time-lapse photographs (or a movie which should be transformed to the series for the analysis). The laser spot should be registered on the screen with the template attached which contains 4 marks placed in corners of a square. The usage of the template provides automatic image stabilization and perspective correction (note that only linear perspective is corrected; no spherical distortion can be corrected by the plugin, so usage of wide-angle lenses is not recommeded).