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TrackMate FAQ

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TrackMate FAQ: jagged lines.
The overlay capture abides to the display settings you set in the '''Display Settings''' GUI panel. By changing the '''Track display mode''' here, you can get what you need. For instance choosing the <tt>Show local tracks, backward</tt> will generate a "dragon tail" aspect for the tracks in the movie.
=== Tracks looked jagged. ===
''The particle traces resemble jagged line rather than a smooth curve of the path. I'm measuring the average speed of the particles and it's crucial the software calculates the distance traveled accurately.''
[[File:TrackMate JaggedLines.png|600px|center]]
Make sure the <tt>Do sub-pixel localization</tt> is checked. It will mitigate this problem. Also make sure that you choose a blob diameter that actually matches the objects you tracking.
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