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Stack Manipulation

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{{Infobox| software = ImageJ| name = Stack manipulation| author = various (see below)| maintainer = Jean-Yves Tinevez ([])| filename = Stack_Manipulation.jar| source = {{GitHub|org=fiji|repo=:Stack_Manipulation}}| latest version = 27 December 2011| status = stable, not active }}   
== Content and purpose ==
This package regroups various "small" plugins dedicated to the manipulation of stacks, allowing to sort them, combine them, etc...
As they are more of a utility package, they all can be found in the {{bc | Image | Stacks | Tools}} menu, next to the ones provided by bare ImageJ.
What they do is pretty much summarized by the following diagram, taken from the [[MBF ImageJ]] webpage.
=== Slice Keeper ===
By Tony Collins, initially part of his wonderful [[MBF Plugins Plugin Collection]] package. Tony mentioned credit should go to {{Person|Rasband}}, for the initial code is his work.
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