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Sholl Analysis

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| source = {{GitHub|org=tferr|repo=ASA}}
| released = December 2012
| latest version = '''3.6.12 January 13 May 2017'''
| status = Active ({{GitHub|org=tferr|repo=ASA||label=Release Notes}})
| category = [[:Category:Plugins|Plugins]], [[:Category:Analysis|Analysis]], [[:Category:Neuroanatomy|Neuroanatomy]]
Please note that from version 3.4.6 onwards, updates are available through the [[##Fiji_Users|Java-8 update site]]. If you have manually installed/modified ''Sholl_Analysis.jar'' ([[#Release Notes and Pre-releases|Development build]]?). Run the [[Update Fiji|Updater]], choose ''Advanced Mode'' then ''View locally modified files'' under ''View Options''. Type "Sholl" in the ''Search'' field, selecting ''Sholl_Analysis.jar'' from the list of files. If the ''Details pane'' indicates an available update, click on ''Locally modified'' under ''Status/Action'' and choose ''Install/Update''. The latest release version will be available once you press ''Apply changes''. See [[Frequently_Asked_Questions#Installing.2FUpdating|Installation FAQs]] for more details.
Use Fiji's built-in [[Report a Bug]] command, report it in the [ ImageJ Forum], the [ ImageJ mailing list] or file an [ issue] on GitHub. Don't forget to include the [[Bug reporting best practices|steps needed to reproduce the problem]]. You may also want to check the {{GitHub|org=tferr|repo=ASA||label=release notes}} for the latest [ development version] to see if the issue has meanwhile been addressed.
== Release Notes and Pre-releases ==
Releases notes are available on {{GitHub|org=tferr|repo=ASA||label=Github}}. If you do not mind unstable software, {{GitHub|org=tferr|repo=ASA||label=development builds}} may be found [ here]. Once new features mature and no major issues are found these development versions will be made available, as usual, through the [[Update_Fiji|Fiji's Updater]].
== Related Resources ==