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Tips for developers

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Using ImageJ effectively: explain how to show a plot window, and syntax-highlight code snippets
== How to read a file into an ImagePlus ==
<source lang="java">
ImagePlus image = IJ.openImage(path);
== How to display an exception in a window ==
This is especially useful on Windows, where you usually do not see the console:
<source lang="java">
This is available since ImageJ 1.43g, as well as the option to set a different exception handler using
<source lang="java">
IJ.setExceptionHandler(new IJ.ExceptionHandler() {
public void handle(Throwable exception) {
== How to show a plot ==
ImageJ offers the ''ij.gui.Plot'' class to make a window showing a plot. Use it like this:
<source lang="java">
Plot plot = new Plot("The window title", "labels on the x-axis", "labels on the y-axis",
float_array_of_x_values, float_array_of_y_values);;
Instead of ''float'' arrays, you can also use ''double'' arrays.
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